27 May 2015

Sailor Profit Slim Mini

Sometimes it is hard to understand some marketing strategies. This is one of them.

In June-July 2014, Sailor marketed a new pen model and few people noticed it. This was done through a limited edition of just 120 units distributed only in the West area of Tokyo through some Sailor Friendly shops. And there is hardly any record of those pens in Sailor!

Assorted Sailor Profit Slim Mini.

The new model was called Profit Slim Mini. It was made in six colors, plus two possible finish—chrome (silver) and golden. Two types of nibs can be seen on the pics of this Chronicle—regular hard nibs in 14 K gold and Naginata Togi units in 21 K gold. However fude nibs might have also been available. All of them were of the “medium size” in the Sailor’s way of naming its nibs.

Two of the color possibilities of the Profit Slim Mini. All caps come with a strap hole and the corresponding strap.

Two Naginata Togi and a regular hard (H) nib. Fude nibs might have also been available.

The small size of the pen does not allow for the use of converters, as was the case of some Sailor models in the past—the Mini Slim (Sapporo Mini in some markets), with which the Profit Slim Mini shares the threads on the tail for a very secure posting.

The cap is screwed on the pen body.

The prices of these Profit Slim Mini were not cheap—JPY 18000 for those with regular nibs (14 K), and JPY 26000 for those with Naginata Togi units (21 K). I do not know the prices of the Profit Mini Slim with fude nibs. In contrast, other Sailor pens with 14 K god nibs cost JPY 12000, and those with Naginata nibs cost JPY 25000, but are made in the big size. (All prices quoted without taxes).

These are the dimensions of this Profit Slim Mini:

Length closed: 115 mm
Length open: 97 mm
Length posted: 140 mm
Diameter: 12 mm
Weight (dry, no cartridge): 16 g

A colorful pen. Only 120 units were made.

Was this pen a market test, a special order from some Sailor Friendly shops, a random experiment? This text might attract some interest for these pens, although there seem to be no available units left. But this quasi-secret limited edition is a very strange marketing strategy.

Parker 51, aerometric – Sailor Bokkô

Bruno Taut
Nakano, May 26th, 2015
etiquetas: Sailor, mercado

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