24 July 2015

Pilot Capless - 1984 - FCN-500R and variations


As was described on the more extended introduction to this model, this evolution of the CN-400BS was released in 1984 (some sources speak of 1981, though). This model is commonly known as the “faceted” Capless (usually as Pilot) or Vanishing Point (usually as Namiki). It was made in a number of colors and included some limited editions.

Two faceted Pilot Capless in green and black.

Pairs of Pilot-Namiki Capless-Vanishing Point in different colors. The clips are engraved as either Pilot or Namiki. My thanks to Mr. Capless.


Codes. FCN-500R, FCB-800R-B, FC-1MR-B. All these codes belong basically to the same pen, the last two being of the all-black models. The different numbers in the codes show the price of each variation. This model is made of aluminum and plastic in a number of colors.
Original_price. FCN-500R: JPY 5000 (1984-1998)
FCB-800R-B: JPY 8000 (1989)
FC-1MR-B: JPY 10000 (1999)
Production_years. 1984-1999. Possibly longer.
Nib_unit. Type VII, variations a and b. Gold 14 K and steel, all in golden color. 18_K gold nibs were made after 1998 for the following model FC-15SR.
Filling_system Single spare cartridge. CON-20 and CON-50 can be used.
Opening_system. “Knock system” (push button).

The all-black model in matte finish. Photo courtesy of Antolin.


FCN-500R & variations
Length closed 137 mm
Length open 134 mm
Diameter 11.8 mm
Weight 17.6 g

Nib unit:

Type VII, variations a (common to the previous model CN-400BS from 1973) and b. In 14 K gold and in steel, both with golden finish. 18 K gold nibs available from 1998.

This nib unit uses single spare cartridges and converters CON-20 and CON-50.

Variations a (top) and b (bottom) of the type VII of Capless nibs. Variation a is present on the previous model from 1973, but can be used on the FCN-500R of 1984.

Additional information:

Nibs are engraved with the production place and date, but not so the bodies.

Testing unit of a Namiki Vanishing Point for a shop. My thanks to Mr. Capless.

My thanks to Mr Capless and to Foro de Estilográficas member Antolin.

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Bruno Taut
Nakano, July 2015
etiquetas: Pilot, Capless


Tomasz Stawarz said...

Hi, any idea where can i get model FCN-500R ? And how much will i have to pay for pleasure of being an owner of one?

Bruno Taut said...

These pens were really mass-produced and it is not hard to find them, even in NOS condition. About the price, the market of Capless pens is quite crazy lately. I cannot hell thinking there is a small bubble in their market.

Please, email me privately for more information.



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