06 July 2015

Sailor in Osaka

The following pen is a limited edition. It is a Professional Gear Realo made, needless to say, by Sailor, but it is not a regular Sailor pen. This model in matte black and red was commissioned by a group of pen users from Osaka organized as the YY Pen Club.

An unusual and very limited Professional Gear Realo.

Some more surprises on the nib...

And there are more variations beyond the unique –so to speak— coloring of the pen: the nib is not engraved with any sign save with the gold purity –18 K gold— and the nib point. 18 K is not the usual gold grade implemented by Sailor on its pens (save in the case of the ultra-thin Chalana), but we have already seen 18 K Sailor nibs on Davidoff’s pens.

Unmarked nib, save for the gold purity and the point width.

A very interesting detail here is how keen Sailor is to make limited editions for whoever demanded it. It seems that the basic order is of just 10 pens. On this particular case, YY Pen Club ordered 30 units, not numbered. Its distribution is only done through that club of pen users. In that regard, this is not so much of a limited as it is a commemorative pen for a private organization.

My thanks to Mr. Sunami.

Sailor pocket pen, quasi inlaid nib – Montblanc Racing Green

Bruno Taut
Nakano, July 5th, 2015
etiquetas: Sailor, mercado


George Kovalenko said...

That's a very spare, tasteful nib, one that's very similar to the Parker VS and Nettuno Superba nibs. G.K.

Pedro Haddock said...

True dog's bollocks. Do their colours resemble some other pen? Maybe someone tried to build a Hemi cousin? Joking; really envy that club.

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