19 December 2016

Family Portait (VII). Integrated Nibs

There is an obvious missing pen on the picture. In fact, the missing pen is the one which started the whole trend—the Parker T1 made in titanium. But for the rest, they are basically all that there is to integrated nibs. From top, clockwise:

-- Pilot M90 (M nib). Manufacturing date, 2009
-- Pilot Murex, black (for man). M nib. Made in 1980.
-- Pilot Murex red (for woman). F nib. Made in 1978.
-- Parker 50, falcon, in brown. Ca. 1980.
-- Hero 849. 1980s.
-- Parker 50, falcon, flighter. Ca. 1980.
-- Pilot Myu with black strips, M nib. Manufacturing date not declared. 1970s.
-- Pilot Myu, plain steel, F nib. Made in 1977.

A detail both interesting and surprising is how the nib points (the iridium) were cut. In this regard, the presumably sophisticated American pen really falls behind the Japanese and Chinese counterparts.

The nib of the Hero 849 was also implemented in the model 850, and in several other branded as Paidi Century. These nibs are all identical.

Platinum 3776 (1978) – Platinum Black

Bruno Taut
Nakano, September 20th, 2016
etiquetas: Hero, Parker, Pilot, plumín


Saltire Turquoise said...

Thanks for your hard work researching and writing this year.

All the best for 2017!

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks for your ongoing moral support, Saltire. Hope to see you here in 2017!


Bana Sıkça Yaz said...

I am amazed by this collection :)

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, Bana Sıkça Yaz, for your comments. Finding and collecting is a matter of being patient...

Hope to see you around blogging away!



Carlos Ramirez said...

Thanks for this piece Bruno! The Pilot Myu black stripes still remains a target pen for me (but not at these price levels). I love reading your posts. Thank you for your continuous work!

Bruno Taut said...

Thank you, Carlos Ramírez. Hope you find your holy grail soon. However, the current bubble of (some) Japanese pens is not on your side.



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