29 December 2016

Storia 20 ml.

Not much has happened recently in the ink department in Japan. In 2016 we saw the reissue of some old Sailor inks; and in 2015 Sailor released the last real new ink—the pigmented series Storia, composed by eight different colors. In parallel, of course, some shops have made their own “original” inks that, in actual terms, are nothing but Sailor dye-based inks (Jentle line of inks). And that is all, and it is not that much.

The new presentation--20 ml bottles is smaller boxes.

The brochure provides general information on the virtues of pigmented inks and includes the capacity and price of the new inkwells.

The new and smaller inkwell.

The December news is just a new presentation of the Storia inks. Now, Sailor offers them also in 20 ml bottles for a lower price—JPY 1000, plus tax. This price is the same per milliliter as the original presentation of 30 ml bottles: JPY 50/ml.

The old presentation of 30 ml bottles.

This new presentation was released on December 23rd --4000 units-- through the network of Sailor Friendly Shops. On January 20th, they will become available through regular retailers… At least in Japan.

Press release available here: http://www.sailor.co.jp/pdf/release/storia20ml_20161221.pdf (retrieved December 29th, 2016).

Clavijo Velasco Ro-iro – Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-jaku

Bruno Taut
Nakano, December 29th 2016
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