18 October 2010


Yesterday, Sunday 17th, the monthly meeting of the Wagner association took place in the usual form of the pen clinic. It was earlier than usual in the month because this coming weekend the Fuente Pen Show will be celebrated in Ginza.

Fewer people that in previous occasions we could see this time at the clinic. Might it be because of the incoming pen show, or because people run out of pens to fix… Nonetheless, many interesting pens were on display.

Once of them was this most unusually colored Pilot Custom 74.

In year 2005, Itoya marketed a limited release of this Pilot model with silver accents in colors black, red, deep red, deep blue and orange. The regular model has rings and clip in gold.

In this particular pen, the owner had swapped the nib with that of a Custom Heritage 91, equipped with a size 5, rhodiated nib. This makes the either a minor “frankenpen”… or a unique pen. As usual, these limited editions have very small number of available nibs—mostly boring.

On this occasion, Itoya did not market a Romeo pen but a just a regular model with some variations. But it was only available at their shops. I have also reported on the black urushi Capless made for the Maki-e Fair last May—only 10 units were for sale. These are other ways to make exclusive goods to attract customers and aficionados.

My thanks to Mr. Furusawa.

(Pilot Volex – Pilot Black)

Bruno Taut
(Tokyo, October 18th, 2010)
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