25 October 2010


Pilot was the first manufacturer in Japan to create luxury inks in unusual colors. The Iroshizuku line is a big success world-wide despite the outrageous prices in certain markets. For instance, EUR 34 in Spain, USD 35 in the US…

The price in Japan is a lot more reasonable at JPY 1575 for those 50 ml. inkwells. More expensive, though, than the Sailor inks, and comparable to those of some imported fancy ones. However, making them even more expensive is always easy.

The new Pilot offer is a pack of three 20-ml. inkwells of three Iroshizuku inks for JPY 3150. But that is also the price of two full bottles –a total of 100 ml.

I have few doubts about the success of this offer. After all, many stylophiles rather variety over quantity.

(Platinum Glamour – Waterman Havana)

Bruno Taut
(Tokyo, October 24th, 2010)
[labels: Pilot, tinta, mercado, Japón]


Julie (Okami) said...

I like the idea of the variety, but if it's priced too high in the US (a 50 ml bottle is generally running $28) I don't know that I would buy it.

Guess we'll have to see if they show up here.

Bruno Taut said...

As I said in a comment in your blog, inks are becoming luxury items, and Iroshizuku inks are one of those shiny and expensive, not always for real reasons.

I am working on a post on ink prices in Japan. Globalization too often works only one way.

Thanks for your comment.


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