04 October 2010


Note added on February 2017: There is a basic mistake on this text--the pen I called "Volex" is, in fact, a Myu-25, released in the mid 1970s. The only Volex on these text is the one on the far right on the first picture. Please, check the following Chronicle: http://estilofilos.blogspot.jp/2017/01/family-portrait-viii-myu-25-at-al.html.

Pocket pens have already been mentioned in these chronicles. In the West, dare I say, they are known because of two models—the Pilot Myu 701 and its close relative the Pilot M90. However, there is a myriad of pocket pens in all colors, and materials and, to a certain extent, even shapes.

Several Pilot Pocket Pens. The first three pens on the left are Volex Myu-25.

The Pilot Myu 25 Volex model followed, in some sense, the idea of the Myu 701 without the extensive use of stainless steel. Myu-25 Volex and Myu share most of the design features—clips, dimensions,… And section and nib are streamlined, albeit the Myu-25 and Volex nibs are not made out of the section.

Pilot Myu 701 on top. Pilot Myu-25 Volex in black on the bottom.

Myu 701 and Myu-25's nibs.

A variation on this theme are the transparent Myu-25 Volex—the demonstrators. The caps, however, were the same as for the regular models.

The black Myu-25 Volex and the demonstrator Myu-25 Volex (with black cap).

I cannot say much more than this. I do not know how common or popular they were at their time in the mid to late seventies. Or if they were only intended as selling tools for the Pilot salesmen of the time, as was the case with the original demonstrator pens.

Two transparent Myu-25 Volex.

Those demonstrators on the pictures were manufactured in 1974 and 1975. Both have fine nibs.

(Pilot Elite Pocket Pen with crosshatched cap (H187) – Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-guri)

Bruno Taut
(Shinjuku, October 1st, 2010)
[labels: Pilot]


MANC said...

Thanks for showing these beautiful little pens!


anele said...

Estas sí que son de obligado "to ink"!! Pero con algún color llamativo, si no, no dicen nada.

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