06 March 2015

15 points

Sometimes the blog acts as public service. But I will also add a personal consideration.

Years ago I published a text on the size 10 series of nibs by Pilot. Now, some thread in the Fountain Pen Network has made that Chronicle popular again, and I thought that a writing sample of all fifteen nib points was in order.

Writing samples of the 15 nib options of a Cutom 742 (size 10 nib). The previously unreliable falcon (FA) nib seems to work fine now.

Fifteen different nib points ready available in two different models –Custom 942 and Custom Heritage 912— make Pilot stand apart from any other brand in the pen scene today. And the once faulty “falcon” unit seem to be working fine now.

The fifteen different options for the Custom Heritage 912 on the counter of a stationery store in Tokyo. Ready for anyone to try. From left to right, EF, F, SF (soft fine), FM, SFM, M, SM, B, BB, C (coarse, sort of BBB), MS (music, three tines), PO (posting, very rigid, pointing down, extreme F line), FA (falcon, flexible, cut shoulders), WA (waverly, pointing up, F line), and SU (stub).

The world of nibs is a lot richer than the very trite triad F, M and B. But we, stylophiles, are just too few and too weak in economic terms to justify a broad variety of nib points… Save in the case of Pilot, it seems.

Pilot Custom Heritage 912 - Sailor Yama-dori

Bruno Taut
Chuo, February 27th, 2015
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Pedro Haddock said...

When I grow up to be a real collector I would like to have them all in the 912 shape (love it). I have got four so far and still counting down. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have long-cap versions for all the nibs. Bruno, do you know if Pilot have ever produced long-cap with MS nib?

Bruno Taut said...

Thank YOU, Pedro.

For Varesk. If by "long-cap" you meant a pocket pen, I will say that I have never seen any Pilot pocket pen with a music nib, but that that does not mean they did not exist.

Thanks for passing by and commenting.


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