02 March 2015

Storia Inks

Sailor seems very active lately in the ink department. Last year, let us remember, Sailor changed the ongoing selection of Jentle (regular, dye based) colors for a selection of eight of the previously released as limited editions in the series of seasonal inks (2009-2010). (Incidentally, some sources have reported that the actual change was merely in the names, and that the colors remained the same).

For 2015, Sailor’s strategy is based on the area of pigmented (permanent) inks.

On top of the well known Kiwaguro and Seiboku, Sailor has announced eight new pigmented inks in apparently very bright colors. Their generic name is “Storia”.

The colors of the Storia series of permanent inks are red, pink, blue, purple, yellow green, green, yellow, and light brown. The inkwells hold 30 ml of ink and will cost JPY 1500, plus tax, which makes JPY 50/ml. For comparison, Kiwaguro and Seiboku cost JPY 40/ml. (Picture taken from the 2015 Sailor Catalog).

Initially, the launching of these inks was intended for this month of March, but it has been postponed to April. However, given the number of pen events in Tokyo in March, I would not be surprised if these inks showed up, even if in limited amounts, earlier.

There might be a niche for colorful pigmented inks in the market, but I wonder how much bigger the ink market might become.

Athena Basic Line – Sailor Yama-dori

Bruno Taut
Nakano, March 1st 2015
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Julie said...

Thank you, Bruno, as always for keeping us informed on what's coming! I'd seen a photo of these inks somewhere, and finally made my way here to see if you had the scoop. Of course you did.

Bruno Taut said...

Thank YOU, Julie!


Unknown said...

The US distributor for Sailor is offering a free bottle of the Sailor Storia ink with a Sailor pen purchase:

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