28 March 2015

Sailor 1963

In essence, this text is summarized in one sentence and one picture:

A Sailor ad from 1963.

The first pocket pen released in Japan, the ad says, was the Sailor Mini, that was the name of the model, in 1963. “A little pen is born. The name is Sailor Mini”—such is the main line in the ad. Then it continues to say the pen was only 9 cm long (open), and that it fitted perfectly in a shirt’s pocket. The original price was JPY 1000, and six ink cartridges were JPY 30.

But we can say a bit more. The pen in the ad corresponds to that of the following picture, a pen already reviewed on these Chronicles (and that review included some mistakes). The pen implements a semi-hooded, springy nib, made of 14 K gold.

The Sailor Mini (1963) of the previous ad. This unit is dated in April 1963.

Some other variations in the Mini concept showed up on that same year of 1963. The following example is engraved with the same date code as the previous unit --April 1963--, but shows an inlaid nib:

Another Sailor Mini from 1963. This time, with an inlaid nib.

All this information certifies that the Sailor Mini (pocket pen) was released before Platinum launched its own model in 1964, as this company declares in its own website (checked on March 2015).

(And now I need to add correcting notes to several of these Chronicles).

Romillo Essential Black – Parker Quink Blue

Bruno Taut
Nakano, March 28th, 2015
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Anonymous said...

Bruno, thank you a lot for this investigation, I like your articles about pocket pens' history very much.
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Bruno Taut said...

Thanks you, Varesk, for passing by and commenting. The blog makes little sense without readers.



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