05 February 2020

Platinum in the Market 2020

During the last months Platinum has released about four new models: the Procyon, several variations of the 3776 Century (allow me this stretch), the Prefounte, and the Curidas.

Two of those are mere variations of well-known and easy available pens. Not much is needed to explain this re the variations of the 3776 in fancy colors and with notable characters. The Prefounte, on its side, is just a fancy Preppy. The other two are indeed new and different to any other model in the catalog: the Procyon and the Curidas.

The Platinum Procyon (2018).

Variations on a well-known theme.

Then, what do all these pens say about Platinum?

My interpretation is that Platinum is focusing on the medium and low end of the market of fountain pens. And this is surprising given the recent activity of Chinese makers, whose manufacturing costs are much lower than those in Japan.

This strategy can work as long as these pens were attractive and original. But that can be said about of pens in any price range. In any event, the hugely expected Curidas could fit this bill, but that is not the case of the Procyon, whose sales are not up to what Platinum expected.

This section of the market is a very tough one, and nothing will be easy for Platinum.

Pilot steel overlay, Yamada seisakusho nib – Sailor Blue-black

Bruno Taut
Nakano, February 3rd 2020
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dputydwg said...

Ive thought recently that China is somehow going to copy every product in the world and produce it for cheaper. Your article shows it is having an impact.

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, dputydwg, for your comment.

An interesting detail is how Chinese companies even copied inexpensive Western products. Cas in Point, Lamy Safari. The excuse was that the Safari was relatively expensive in China, but the profits out of selling inexpensive pens is unlikely to be as high as out of selling more expensive goods.

Thanks for passing by and commenting.


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