30 March 2020

Curidas. 2. Contenders

As I said on my previous Chronicle, the obvious competition for the newly arrived Platinum Curidas is the basic Pilot Capless model with steel nib. The reasons are easy to see:

The two contenders: Platinum Curidas on top, Pilot Capless with steel nib on bottom.

– Affordable price in the order of JPY 10,000, albeit the Curidas is significantly cheaper.

– Steel nibs on both of them.

The construction structure of both pens is quite similar, but the materials involved on them are different. The Curidas is made mostly of plastic whereas the Capless is fundamentally a metallic pen. The Pilot Capless has a metal-to-metal thread—a lot sturdier solution that the metal-to-plastic of the Curidas. The plastic material of the later does not seem particularly resistant and it might compromise its durability.

Basic disassembly of the Curidas. The metal-to-plastic thread is clearly visible on the body.

Sturdier construction of the Pilot Capless. A metal-to-metal thread on the body. It also costs JPY 3000 more than the Curidas.

This detail connects the Curidas with the previous Capless model of 1984 (FCN-500R and FCN-800R). This Capless has been highly praised by many because of its unobtrusive clip and light weight. And like the Curidas, it is made of plastic and closes through a metal to plastic thread that makes it a bit fragile.

Platinum Curidas on top, 1984 Pilot Capless (FCN-500R) on bottom. Both implement metal-to-plastic threads on the body.

Mechanism-wise, that of the Pilot model is much smoother than the Platinum's. Both of them, in any case, feel and sound reliable, although that of the Platinum has not yet passed the test of time.

About the dimensions, all that is actually relevant is summarized on the following table. And whether is pen is for you is for each of us to decide... by trying it.

.Platinum Curidas 2020.

.Pilot FCN-1MR 1998.
Length closed (mm) 153 141
Length open (mm) 140 138
Barrel diameter (mm) 13.5 13.3
Weight, dry (g) 25.5 30.9
Ink deposit (*) (ml) 1.1/0.6 0.9/0.5
Nib points (**) EF/F/M F/M
Price (***)(JPY) 7000 10000

*: Capacities of proprietary cartridges and converters. In the case of Pilot, the converter is the CON-40.
**: Steel nibs. Pilot offers six nib points on gold nibs: EF, F, FM, M, B, and stub (SU).
***: MSRP prices without taxes.

Capless or Curidas?

Cosmetic-wise, both pens offer five different body colors, Platinum's being transparent or semitransparent. On its side, Pilot's nibs are gold plated and are mismatched with the silver body trim of this inexpensive version. The Curidas does not show much trimming save for the removable clip and the central ring. And both match the silver color of the steel nib.

Platinum Curidas, F nib - Diamine Teal

Bruno Taut
Nakano, March 23rd, 2020
etiquetas: Pilot, Platinum, capless


dputydwg said...

nice comparison, thank you for posting

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, dputydwg!


Inky.Rocks said...

Nice breakdown of the pens! It's weird for me to see the clip on the Curidas as I took mine off. I guess it's partially a matter if someone wants to pay 25-30$ more for a metal pen. I think many will.

Bruno Taut said...

Thanks for passing by and commenting.

There is a third part on the Curidas coming--currently in the oven. About the clip, I like it because it tells me how to grab the pen. Without it, I always get it upside down.

Thanks again,


R. Vieira said...

Hi Bruno,
Thanks for the handy comparison. Regarding the Capless model of 1984 and the apparent fragility of its metal to plastic thread, my father used one for many years at the office. The pen withstood the daily use quite well. My dad loved the design, with - as you rightly pointed out - its clean lines and light weight.
I don't want to be unfair vis-a-vis the new Curidas, especially because I haven't seen it in the flesh yet, but the FCN-500R had a more durable look about it.



Bruno Taut said...

Thanks, R. Vieira, for passing by and commenting.

I look forward to hearing your take on the Curidas. I do enjoy it. More texts to come...



R. Vieira said...

You are welcome. I will share my thoughts on the Curidas as soon as I get one. Also looking forward to read the next instalment in your assessment of the pen.


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